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  • Is Ocean Aid 360 hiring?
    Ocean Aid 360 is fully staffed at the present time, but we welcome emails from individuals who are interested in joining us for part-time researcher positions. Contact us at
  • When will the Ghost Trap Rodeo visit my town?
    The GTR began in Tampa Bay (2018-2019), and it is expanding in 2021-2022 to Apalachicola, Homosassa, Key West, Cocoa Beach, and Jacksonville - with more events planned for Tampa Bay. Let us know where you think the Rodeo should visit next, with your pictures or video of sighted debris, at
  • Does Ocean Aid 360 engage in lobbying?
    No, OA360 does not engage in lobbying. Our programs are limited to issue-based advocacy.
  • How did Ocean Aid 360 get started?
    Our VP, Danielle, has always had it out for marine debris. She doesn't visit a shoreline without a bag to collect and properly dispose of litter that crosses her path. Starting in 2015, she got Neill to follow suit, and the two collected marine debris from Tampa Bay, to the U.S. Mexico Border, to the Bijagos Islands in West Africa. After realizing the scope of the marine debris challenge, the two came up with the idea of replicating successful fishing tournments, with the same great prize/food/swag/comaraderie experience - but with a whole new target: derelict fishing gear and other high priority marine debris. They applied for and won a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to afford project essentials, and GTR #1 kicked off in October 2018 at Tampa Bay's Ft. DeSoto, with 11 registered Rodeo teams and local environmental champion, Congressman Charlie Crist, aiding in the search.
  • What are some of the bycatch (non-target) species that might be found caught in abandoned crab traps?
  • Does Ocean Aid 360 have a spokes-pet?
    We do! His name is Bob Barker and he's a Hairless American Terrier rescue pup
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