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by Ocean Aid 360

Your fastest, most cost effective, and proven solution to rapid removal of fish kill, aquatic vegetation, and litter.

Seascaper Net Services 

We want to be your "BOOTS ON THE WATER" with our full line of Seascaper Nets.

Designing and manufacturing advanced seine nets and modified frame nets to get the collection job done fast


Managing teams of local, working watermen and women, for a more efficient response by those who need the work

We are highly familiar with government contracting, accounting, and reporting

Our team is adept at interacting with news media and experienced media makers

Available Seascaper Services

Fish Kill "Red Tide" Collection

Fish kills degrade quality of life for residents, and depress local economies through reduced business and tourism. Seascaper can help you remove fish kills at 10x the speed of traditional methods.

Seascaper is More Efficient

Manual operation of the Seascaper line of aquatic debris collection nets requires fewer personnel, allowing individuals and public works teams to continue work beyond aquatic environmental maintenance. 

Aquatic Vegetation Collection

Overgrowth of aquatic plants can impact ecosystem services for fishponds, and off-gas smells and sights incompatible with residential communities. Seascaper is effective in aquatic vegetation removal.

Seascaper is More Cost Effective

Often, municipalities are forced to contract fleets of boat captains and crews to provide aquatic maintenance. These fleets come at high cost. Starting now, you'll need far fewer boats and staff to finish the task. 

Litter and Plastics Collection

Litter and plastics are unsightly and degrade over time, entering the food chain once they are ingested by marine animals. Seascaper can help remove litter and plastics with ease, ensuring clean aquatic environment. 

Seascaper is 10X Faster

Collection of aquatic debris, especially in limited vessel access areas, has traditionally been done by hand-dipping. Seascaper can access those areas with revolutionary tools that speed the process and reduce risk.

Contact and Quotes with Rapid Response

Are you interested in Seascaper Debris Removal Services? Contact Ocean Aid 360 for more information or a timely quote.

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