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How To: Find Ghost Traps and Debris during your GTR Search

Credit: SEMultimedia / Jason Stemple / Saltwater Sportsman

The key to locating derelict crab traps and other marine debris items during your Ghost Trap Rodeo search experience, is to elevate your position, if safely possible, and use polarized sunglasses and a sun visor to see "through" the water. Scan side to side as you idle, drift, paddle, or walk; and look for hard shapes or colors, that stand out against the otherwise natural setting.

Rodeo tournaments are planned to coincide, where possible, with low incoming tides and maximum sunlight. This ensures that our participants can work shallow in their shallow draft vessels, and that a portion of debris will become more accessible or exposed to plain view on these low tides (see below).

Ghost Trap found! - Hook the trap with a pole hook, then lift the trap aboard onto one of the event staff-supplied tarps. Inventory and release the captive marine life. - Now you're on the board!

While cloudy and windy conditions at the time of your GTR search can limit your ability to see through the water, these are great times to work along shorelines - particularly those shorelines that are facing the wind - where other types of floating debris and plastics are likely to collect. In fact, some of our best hauls have come when a stiff wind pushes lots of plastics and styrofoam into a small area, essentially doing the hard part for us!

So whatever the weather, we need to see YOU at the next Ghost Trap Rodeo!

- Capt. Neill

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